Nodus client hack – Hack Minecraft

by cuukiii


How to install Nodus hack minecraft

On windows:
Click start (its small windows icon on your taskbar) and type %appdata% in search and open Roaming folder where you will find .minecraft directory. Open it and then open bin directory. You will find main minecraft files here. Now rename minecraft.jar file to for an example minecraft-backup-hack.jar and copy NodusUpdate.jar into this folder and rename it to minecraft.jar. Now launch minecraft and hack should be working.

<em>hack minecraft</em> nodus hack intro


This is how your starting screen should look like after succesfull installation.


<strong>hack minecraft</strong> nodus hack first screen


Nodus welcome screen – Y for Graphical user interface and U for the console. To exit GUI press Esc.


<u>hack minecraft</u> nodus hack first look


First look at features of this wonderful hack. Some of the best features of this mod are : xray, fly mode, forcefield, auto tools and movement improvements such as higher jump, water walk or spider.
You can modify and adjust separate mods which gives lots of fun and flexibility to your character and world around him.
This hack has been made by scetch – donate to this hack and support the developer!